Christmas gift for Nineveh 2012

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Just like in the previous years, we will surprise the kids in the province of Nineveh in Northern Iraq (Assyria) on Christmas. The past years we received donations from all over the world to support this event. The kids in this war-torn country experienced an unforgettable evening when Santa Claus appeared at their houses with a bag full of Christmas gifts. This event was created by Firas Jatou, President of the Assyrian Academic Society, back in 2004 to provide gifts for the children in Nineveh in northern Iraq.

Dutch Provincial Parliamentarian for the Labour Party, Mrs. Attiya Gamri, who herself is member of the Syrian-Orthodox Church, one of the several churches that are currently under oppression in Iraq, will again patronize this event: “The Nineveh Plains in the northern Iraq is a mosaic of peoples and religions. It’s a safe haven for every refugee and displaced person. You will find here the greatest diversity of cultures in Iraq: Yezidi’s, Shabaks, Turkmen, Kurds, Arabs and of course the Assyrian Christians. The Assyrians, known for their peaceful character, are in numbers the majority compared to the other groups in this region. Young and old have been traumatized because of the horrible events in the past years. The Christian Assyrians have been a continuous target of political groups and extremists. This has caused many families to leave their homes to a safer place. I do hope that we, from Holland and the rest of the world, can offer these people a special Christmas greeting by sending them a gift once again!”

Assyrian Aid Society, the best known non-profit organisation in the Nineveh plains, has offered help in the financial transaction from Europe to Iraq.

The gifts are bought in Northern Iraq by a members of the Chaldo-Assyrian Student Union (University of Mosul) and the Assyrian Aid Society. This way we support the local shops and no money is lost in transporting gifts from Europe.

Every gift for a child in Iraq costs about 1- 2 Euro’s and you can count the number of gifts you provide those kids with your donation! Santa Claus will visit many villages and will not pass by any house!

Do you wish to support this project?

Make a child in Nineveh happy and send your donation to:

Assyria Foundation- Netherlands
(Stichting Assyrie Nederland)
Bank- account: 5090543
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL29 INGB 0005090543
City: oldenzaal , country: Netherlands
Bank name: ING
Please mention this as: “Christmas Gift for Nineveh”

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to e mail us at:
This project will continue till December 24th, 2012 and will be organized together with the following organisation:
The Assyrian Evangelical Church of San Jose
The Assyrian Heritage – Ms. Christine Faulkner
Assyrian Medical Society – USA
The Assyria Foundation – Netherlands



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